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The Harvard Macy Institute Podcast S2 E6: Digital presence with Traci Wolbrink

August 17, 2021

The Harvard Macy Institute Podcast aims to connect our Harvard Macy Institute community and to develop our interest in health professions education topics and literature. Our podcast is hosted by our Program for Educators in the Health Professions course faculty Victoria Brazil, and features interviews with health professions educators about their scholarly work.

S2 S6 podcast is a conversation between Vic Brazil and Traci Wolbrink about ‘digital presence’ – how to establish and manage our online identities, including the overlap of personal and professional identities. It’s a fun ‘meta’ experience – a podcast recorded ‘live’ during the 2021 HMI Transforming Teaching for the Virtual Environment course.

We all have a digital presence – an online identity shaped by how we appear on institutional websites, social media and personal postings. How we curate and manage that presence is important for our careers and our work.

This episode of the podcast was recorded during the Transforming your Teaching for the Virtual Environment (TTVE) course in April 2021. Vic spoke with Traci Wolbrink about her work with Open Pediatrics – and how carefully the team there manage their digital content creation, adaptation for various audiences and hosting platforms, and conversations on social media.

We then flipped the conversation and Traci reflected on Vic’s approach to podcasting, and how to have engaging online conversations with guests that listeners will enjoy, with some thoughts about how that applies to our interactive online teaching.

The dominant themes in the conversation were audience and listening – not always what comes to mind when we consider online activity :-).

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