Harvard Macy Institute Podcast

Season 3 Episode 3: 12 Tips for Inclusive Teaching with Jeremy Amayo

March 18, 2022

Increased global attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion necessitates inclusive teaching in health professions education.” The opening line of this article by Jeremy Amayo and team set the scene for a wide ranging discussion of principle and practical strategies to help teachers be more inclusive – in the classroom, in the clinical environment, and in the online learning environment.

We start with a fundamental question to ask ourselves when considering inclusive teaching - “Who is being left out?”. We consider how our health professions learners are increasingly diverse – not only with regard to race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation, but also underrecognized traits like introversion/ extroversion, organizational habits, preferred learning styles, and reading speed. The 12 tips traverse fundamental principles to simple practical tips.

Jeremy shared some of his current PhD work on failure in health professions education, and how to develop our skills in learning from failure. We finished with a reflection on the writing and publishing process, including the concept of post publication peer review at MedEdPublish.


Happy listening.


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